ICOG Workshop on PCOS and GDM

Hotel Celebration, Raipur

Hotel Celebration, Raipur

Fafadih Chowk, Raipur


Cordially invites you to ICOG Workshop on PCOS and GDM. 5 Credit Points granted.

Please note that registration on this portal is mandatory for issue of credit point certificate.

This event is free of cost.


    • 10:00 10:30
      Inauguration 30m
    • 10:30 12:00
      Session: PCOS in Adolesence
      • 10:30
        Adolescent PCOS: 2018 Guidelines 45m
        Speaker: Dr Nalini Mishra
      • 11:15
        Mangement of PCOS 45m
        Speaker: Dr Sarita Agrawal
    • 12:00 13:00
      Panel: Panel Discussion
      Convener: Dr Tripti Nagaria
      • 12:00
        Panel Discussion PCOS 1h
        Speakers: Dr Jyotsna Gandhi, Dr Manoj Chellani, Dr Shalini Jain, Dr Tabassum Dalla, Dr Veronica Yuel
    • 13:00 13:45
      Lunch 45m
    • 13:45 15:15
      Session: GDM
      • 13:45
        Pathophysiology of GDM 45m
        Speaker: Prof. Dr. Abha Singh
      • 14:30
        Pregnancy monitoring in GDM & DM 45m
        Speaker: Dr Prashant Nayak
    • 15:15 16:15
      Panel: Panel Discussion
      Conveners: Dr Sarita Agrawal, Dr Prashant Nayak
      • 15:15
        Panel Discussion: GDM 1h
        Speakers: Dr Asha Jain, Dr Avinashi Kujur, Dr Pooja ., Dr Shilpa Pawar, Dr Shreya Goenka, Dr Veena Chandrawanshi
    • 16:15 16:20
      Vote of Thanks 5m
    • 16:20 17:00
      High Tea 40m